Finding Your Way Again

You’re on a roll.  You’re meal prepping, you’re going to the gym every single day, your house is clean, you’re keeping up with your social obligations, your skin is amazing. Things are going great at work.

And then it happens.


You’ve been sucker punched.  Maybe your relationship ends, you have a career setback, a conflict with a friend or family member, an illness, or just a terrible string of bad luck.  You sulk, you cry, you worry, you stress.  You stop meal prepping, you stop going to the gym, you haven’t shaved your legs in weeks, you just don’t care anymore.

I get it. This is me. And I’m trying my very best to snap out of it, to shock the system.

When life catches you on the blind side – you just want to say fuck it – and give up. You want to lay on your sofa, forever, and eat pizza while watching Netflix trying to escape from your reality.

Want to know what will end this terrible cycle of suffering?  Hint: you’re not going to like my answer.

It’s doing the exact things you’ve been avoiding. It’s the self-care. It’s waking up early, cleaning your house, crossing things off your to-do list, dragging your butt to the gym, grocery shopping when you just want to order a pizza, meal prepping, PICKING YOURSELF UP.  You’re going to feel massively uncomfortable. It’s gonna suck, but once you do it – you suddenly start to feel just a little bit better.

Your discipline muscle is weak.  How do you strengthen it? By working it out, every single day. By making those little decisions to do the things that are difficult, uncomfortable, and scary.  You see, when you’re a kid – it’s your parents job to flex your discipline muscles for you.  As an adult however, that sole responsibility is yours.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive.  If you’re feeling bad – why isn’t moping on your couch with a pint of ice cream considered self care?  Because doing that doesn’t give you a shred of personal power. The reason why you’re feeling this way is because deep down – you feel POWERLESS.  Doing the things you know you must do to reach your goals is your ticket to gaining that power back.  Taking care of your body, your mind, your home, your children, etc – is taking back your power.

I’m not always ready to jump off that couch and start doing things – so I start small.  I will go clean something in my house. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and I feel better instantly.  I will wash and fold laundry – because having a closet of fresh clean clothes makes me smile. I will paint my toenails, or organize my fridge.  I will take Teddy for a walk.  The point is – do SOMETHING.

Most people float through life just reacting to their emotional state. The successful minority knows that you can actually manage your emotional state – by moving your body and exercising that discipline muscle over and over.  You’re not like everyone else, and you have more power than you realize.  The moment you realize that successful people are really good at doing the things that most people don’t want to do – the sooner you can change your mindset to that of a high achiever.  I’ve said this before on my IG.  No one is going to save you from your sofa. No one is going to fix your problems.  You are responsible for your life, and your body.  It’s time to stop being a victim of the shitty circumstances in your life – and start harnessing your power.