No Meal Prep? Now What?

close-up-cooking-dinner-46239I am hesitant to share things that I am doing or plan to do before I can actually see first hand if they work. I always want to be the guinea pig. However my last post regarding Ditching Meal Prep really sparked a lot of comments on my Instagram.  A lot of you had questions regarding how I plan to eat if I don’t meal prep. So here’s the deal:

  • My primary focus is shifting to making good choices, consistently, intuitively. Eating tasty things that align with my goals and finding fun ways to move.
  • Being 2.5+ years out from bariatric surgery and having educated myself as much as possible about food and nutrition, I am confident in my ability to choose and prepare foods that are good for me.
  • Does ditching meal prep mean that I’ll never cook? No! I love cooking and I will actually end up cooking more fresh food.
  • Will you pack a lunch to work?  It depends! If I happen to have leftovers from dinner or something tasty in my fridge, I may bring it to work. Or I may just go grab something. That’s the beauty of it – going with the flow.
  • What about tracking and counting calories/macros/carbs/etc?  This is part of the diet mentality that I am wanting to move away from. Instead I will eat veggies, some fruit, meat, seafood, nuts and seeds, some dairy, and good oils/fats.  So mostly low carb, but not counting carbs.
  • Will my Instagram content change? Nope! I’ll still continue to post what I eat and any new recipes I find or create.
  • If this doesn’t work and I end up gaining weight – then I will change gears.
  • What about exercise? I suck at getting regular exercise and I am the first to admit it.   Gyms give me major anxiety.  I’m still working on that. But for now the plan is to keep up with walks, get to the gym when I can, and do my sauna sessions at home.
  • Do I have to do this too? Nope. The best plan is the one that works for YOU.
  • What am I hoping to accomplish from switching to intuitive eating?  Less stress, more flexibility with my food options, listening to and respecting my body, and hopefully some better results.



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