No Meal Prep? Now What?

close-up-cooking-dinner-46239I am hesitant to share things that I am doing or plan to do before I can actually see first hand if they work. I always want to be the guinea pig. However my last post regarding Ditching Meal Prep really sparked a lot of comments on my Instagram.  A lot of you had questions regarding how I plan to eat if I don’t meal prep. So here’s the deal:

  • My primary focus is shifting to making good choices, consistently, intuitively. Eating tasty things that align with my goals and finding fun ways to move.
  • Being 2.5+ years out from bariatric surgery and having educated myself as much as possible about food and nutrition, I am confident in my ability to choose and prepare foods that are good for me.
  • Does ditching meal prep mean that I’ll never cook? No! I love cooking and I will actually end up cooking more fresh food.
  • Will you pack a lunch to work?  It depends! If I happen to have leftovers from dinner or something tasty in my fridge, I may bring it to work. Or I may just go grab something. That’s the beauty of it – going with the flow.
  • What about tracking and counting calories/macros/carbs/etc?  This is part of the diet mentality that I am wanting to move away from. Instead I will eat veggies, some fruit, meat, seafood, nuts and seeds, some dairy, and good oils/fats.  So mostly low carb, but not counting carbs.
  • Will my Instagram content change? Nope! I’ll still continue to post what I eat and any new recipes I find or create.
  • If this doesn’t work and I end up gaining weight – then I will change gears.
  • What about exercise? I suck at getting regular exercise and I am the first to admit it.   Gyms give me major anxiety.  I’m still working on that. But for now the plan is to keep up with walks, get to the gym when I can, and do my sauna sessions at home.
  • Do I have to do this too? Nope. The best plan is the one that works for YOU.
  • What am I hoping to accomplish from switching to intuitive eating?  Less stress, more flexibility with my food options, listening to and respecting my body, and hopefully some better results.



Why I’m Ditching Meal Prep



Meal Prep. You can’t go on Instagram these days without seeing posts of perfectly portioned food containers laid out on a countertop with little bits of chicken, sweet potato, and broccoli.  There is a sense of pride one feels after posting a photo of your week’s meals, ready to be stacked inside the refrigerator.  You feel accomplished because you adulted, like the fitness gurus.

Unfortunately, life isn’t a perfect Instagram picture. Sometimes, we just don’t feel like eating that grilled chicken or broccoli for the 4th day in the row, and frankly – IT DOESN’T TASTE AS GOOD. I don’t care how delicious the meal is fresh, you’re going to get tired of it.  And some of us just don’t like leftovers. Last night (Sunday night), I was so proud of myself. I made a low carb sandwich roll-up thingie using a low carb tortilla, some nitrate free honey ham, mayo and cheese. I placed it into a pyrex container with a side of cherry tomatoes and olives. I packed a bowl of bright and colorful fruits. Something happened between the proud moment I packed that low carb roll-up and when the time came to eat it this afternoon.

I just didn’t feel like eating it.

I looked down at the food, and immediately felt a sense of “blah”. I begrudgingly took a bite of the sandwich and laid it to the side while I worked. I didn’t even finish half of it. I ate a few of the olives and left the cherry tomatoes behind. Where did the food end up? In the trash. I realized something – this happens to me – A LOT. And I feel like a total jerk when I dump the food in the trash. I feel even worse when I don’t meal prep at all, going to work empty handed. Why? I don’t particularly know, because when I go out to eat I make pretty great choices.  I think it stems from a feeling of “failing” as a bariatric patient.

So I decided to do some online research – am I the only person who secretly hates meal prep?  What is wrong with me? Well guess what – a lot of other people hate meal prep too, and there’s actually quite a few trainers and coaches that aren’t a fan of it either.  I breathed a sigh of relief. I am not alone in this growing hatred for leftover food.

And then I started thinking – if I stop beating myself up about meal prepping and just wing it, would it really cost me more money? No – in fact it may cost me less. I work from home two days a week, so that’s only THREE lunches I need to plan for. Cool thing is that my office is located smack dab in the middle of a busy area with tons of food options. I can get a small greek salad one day, a poke bowl another (which is 2 meals in 1 for me), and a Jimmy Johns Unwich on days I don’t feel like going out to get food. There are options. I am good about scrambling up a couple of eggs for breakfast before I run out of the door, and since I actually do enjoy cooking – spending 20 minutes in the evenings preparing a fresh meal is totally fine by me!  Work from home days are chill, I can make fresh food during my workday.

I am a big believer in the notion that the best health plan for you is one that you will follow without struggle, and can be consistent at over a long period of time.  You have to look at your own unique situation. Some people love meal prep. Some people only get 20 minutes for lunch, so they don’t have time to run out for food – so it makes sense to bring something.  You have to find what works for you.  Maybe you hate meal prep too, so instead of cooking in one giant bulk batch for the week, you just make a bigger dinner and eat leftovers the following day.  That way you’re not eating the same thing five days in a row [bleh].

Flexibility is so important – because LIFE happens. Our moods and tastes change. Things come up – maybe a coworker wants to go out to lunch.  Those of us on a fitness and health journey can be far too rigid with ourselves, and for what? Do you get a meal prep award at the end of the year? No! Can you still make gains or lose weight just by making smart decisions when you go out? Absolutely.

Food is fuel, but it’s also meant to be savored and enjoyed – otherwise we wouldn’t have taste buds, amiright?? Meal prep took the pleasure out of eating for me. No matter how creative or tasty the recipe is – I just don’t want it sometimes.  A salad from the Whole Foods salad bar tastes a THOUSAND times better than if I made it at home and it sat in my fridge for a couple days. Our brains are weird. I’m going with the flow now, and enjoying food again.  My days of meal prep are over.

The days of visiting drive-thru’s three times a day are far behind me. But looking forward to getting out of the office for a little while to enjoy a poke bowl with a coworker totally brightens up my day.  So I am hopping off of the hashtag mealprepsunday bandwagon and doing what feels right for me.  I encourage you to forget about what looks good on Instagram and do what’s best for you as well. xo


Finding Your Way Again

You’re on a roll.  You’re meal prepping, you’re going to the gym every single day, your house is clean, you’re keeping up with your social obligations, your skin is amazing. Things are going great at work.

And then it happens.


You’ve been sucker punched.  Maybe your relationship ends, you have a career setback, a conflict with a friend or family member, an illness, or just a terrible string of bad luck.  You sulk, you cry, you worry, you stress.  You stop meal prepping, you stop going to the gym, you haven’t shaved your legs in weeks, you just don’t care anymore.

I get it. This is me. And I’m trying my very best to snap out of it, to shock the system.

When life catches you on the blind side – you just want to say fuck it – and give up. You want to lay on your sofa, forever, and eat pizza while watching Netflix trying to escape from your reality.

Want to know what will end this terrible cycle of suffering?  Hint: you’re not going to like my answer.

It’s doing the exact things you’ve been avoiding. It’s the self-care. It’s waking up early, cleaning your house, crossing things off your to-do list, dragging your butt to the gym, grocery shopping when you just want to order a pizza, meal prepping, PICKING YOURSELF UP.  You’re going to feel massively uncomfortable. It’s gonna suck, but once you do it – you suddenly start to feel just a little bit better.

Your discipline muscle is weak.  How do you strengthen it? By working it out, every single day. By making those little decisions to do the things that are difficult, uncomfortable, and scary.  You see, when you’re a kid – it’s your parents job to flex your discipline muscles for you.  As an adult however, that sole responsibility is yours.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive.  If you’re feeling bad – why isn’t moping on your couch with a pint of ice cream considered self care?  Because doing that doesn’t give you a shred of personal power. The reason why you’re feeling this way is because deep down – you feel POWERLESS.  Doing the things you know you must do to reach your goals is your ticket to gaining that power back.  Taking care of your body, your mind, your home, your children, etc – is taking back your power.

I’m not always ready to jump off that couch and start doing things – so I start small.  I will go clean something in my house. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and I feel better instantly.  I will wash and fold laundry – because having a closet of fresh clean clothes makes me smile. I will paint my toenails, or organize my fridge.  I will take Teddy for a walk.  The point is – do SOMETHING.

Most people float through life just reacting to their emotional state. The successful minority knows that you can actually manage your emotional state – by moving your body and exercising that discipline muscle over and over.  You’re not like everyone else, and you have more power than you realize.  The moment you realize that successful people are really good at doing the things that most people don’t want to do – the sooner you can change your mindset to that of a high achiever.  I’ve said this before on my IG.  No one is going to save you from your sofa. No one is going to fix your problems.  You are responsible for your life, and your body.  It’s time to stop being a victim of the shitty circumstances in your life – and start harnessing your power.


First Impressions: Tespo Vitamin Dispenser


Hey guys! Tespo sent me a vitamin dispenser for review.  I am unboxing it and trying it for the first time on my Youtube. The dispenser retails for about $99 on their site (check their site for coupons)

The women’s basics vitamin pod is $23 a month, and the women’s bariatrics basics pod is $43 a month. They also have pods for men, hair skin & nails, children, menopause, energy, sleep, and focus.

Keep in mind a bottle of bariatric vitamins (1 months supply) is typically $49. Do I think this product is intended to save people money? Not necessarily. If you’re on a super tight budget I don’t think this product is for you.

I think its primary purpose is to simplify the process of consuming vitamins, by allowing you to just take a swig of vitamins in liquid form versus chewing or swallowing large vitamin pills. The taste is quite pleasant and the aftertaste went away quickly.

I think it’s also a way to streamline your vitamins. As you see in the video I have bottles of vitamins everywhere in my tiny kitchen.  The Tespo dispenser includes storage and it’s admit, it looks pretty darn cool on my kitchen counter. So I can finally chuck out all those cluttery vitamin bottles and just use this.

This gadget is definitely more of want-item, not necessarily a MUST.  If you’re really struggling with cash I suggest you head down to Wal-Mart and buy yourself a bottle of Centrum.  However, if you’re slacking on your vitamins (and you know who you are), or have a serious aversion to taking pills then this is definitely a worthwhile investment in your health.  Along this journey I’ve learned that some investments in your health will pay back tenfold long-term. There is nothing scarier than getting your labs back and being low on a bunch of vitamins because you haven’t been compliant in taking your supplements. :/

Would I buy this for myself? Yes. Did I know about it before I was contacted by the company? Nope. I think the product is under-marketed to bariatric patients. I really wish my bariatric dietitian would’ve suggested something like this for me because I would’ve bought it in a heartbeat, knowing I HATE taking big pills.

I also see this being great for kids, because it lights up and spins which has the oooh-ahhh effect that the kiddos love. 🙂

Thanks again to Tespo for sending me this dispenser for my honest review.

Ease of Use: 5/5
Cool Factor: 5/5
Budget Friendly: 2/5
Taste: 4/5
Would I recommend buying it? Yes
Will I be buying the pods and using this regularly? Yes

Rosemarie_Fit on IG has a website!

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 3.57.35 PM copy.png

Ayeeee! After sooo many requests I have decided to start my own website, so that I can interact with you in a new way.  I plan to post my frequently asked questions, discussion topics, and youtube videos here. I look forward to interacting with you all in new ways.  We’re all on this fitness journey together, and I want to make myself as accessible as possible!